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The multidisciplinary nature of MBCG provides a competitive advantage and edge as the Firm’s consultants understand how to view the big picture. This understanding, combined with varying backgrounds, expertise, and perspectives allow our team to dismantle organizational silos that can often result in inefficiencies while conducting business. Our consultants have the capacity to promote organizational goals and increase efficiency while developing efficient solutions that address multiple organizational challenges.

Service Offerings

Accounting and Finance

We can provide Interim Controllers or Interim Chief Financial Officers to suit your short-term business goals and objectives. Whether you are implementing a new accounting or information technology system, scaling your business through acquisitions, divesting of non-core assets and business operations, or preparing for an IPO, our Interim Controllers or Interim Chief Financial Officers can facilitate the business transition through these various projects and business cycles.

Human Resources

Human capital can be difficult to attain, train and retain. Madison Brothers can provide a suite of human resource solutions that include attracting, recruiting, training and retaining top talent. We can align your human resource capital needs with your strategic business objectives to ensure the optimal performance is attained. Madison Brothers can also facilitate the leadership and professional development of your talent by implementing programs that monitor and manage career development.

Information Technology

Identifying and implementing the appropriate systems are necessary for the success of every business. IT systems are used by businesses to perform various tasks and functions. Information Technology is used to process transactions and enables businesses to interact with customers, distributors and suppliers. Having the right systems in place can optimize the performance of any business. Having the right systems in place can optimize the performance of any business. Allow Madison Brothers to help you identify and implement the appropriate systems.


Business development is critical to the sustainability of every business. Business development creates the long-term value for an organization by leveraging relationships with communities, customers and markets. Allow Madison Brothers to assist you in developing programs, solutions and strategies to expand your products and services.


The recent changes to the tax laws can prove to be complicated and overwhelming. Allow Madison Brothers to become your tax planner and strategist by offering optimal tax solutions that allow your organization to benefit from recent changes to the tax laws.